Outlining Mapping Miracles

Mapping Miracles began life in 2013 as a student managed project to develop a taxonomy and online repository of miracles in saints’ lives, written in Latin and the regional vernaculars, in Britain and Ireland between 600 and 1200. 

The team convened their first full conference, ‘Mapping the Miraculous: Hagiographic Motifs and the Medieval World’, at the University of Cambridge in May 2014, with financial assistance from AHRC Student Conference Funding and the Chadwick Fund at the Department of Anglo-Saxon, Norse, and Celtic. Speakers at the well-attended event included Professors Robert Bartlett and Dorothy Ann Bray. 

In July of 2014 Mapping Miracles hosted a round-table discussion in Leeds at the International Medieval Congress. The focus in this session was on the challenges surrounding developing a resource that would meet researcher needs in a timely and accurate manner. Participants were also encouraged to consider the question of taxonomy and how best to approach this aspect of the project. The investigators hope to offer a further participatory event at Cambridge in 2015, details of which will be found here in due course. 

In September 2014 having secured funding from the Isaac Newton Trust and the Converting the Isles Network, the investigators began and continue to work on the first phase of development – cataloguing  conversion motifs and  designing a structured framework to record that data. This phase of the project is led by researchers Sarah Waidler and Dr Jennifer Key under the direction of Principal Investigator Dr Máire Ní Mhaonaigh. 

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